Peter Pan

60 min.
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Which one of us did not want to grow up as soon as possible during childhood, become independent so as not to listen to the comments of adults and stop following their constant advice and guidance. And eventually this desire was fulfilled - you have grown up.

You would not believe it, but somewhere in the world, in a foggy country of England lives a boy named Peter Pan who categorically does not want to grow older. He really wants to keep his love for a planet called Childhood forever. And most of all he wants to keep his love for playfulness. Peter has one feature that distinguishes him from everyone else - he is able to fly!         Even his mother could not or might not have wanted to understand this particular feature of her son. And one faithful night, she simply closed the window so that Peter could not fly outside of the room. It struck the boy so much that he gathered all other children and fled to the island of Neverland, which becomes a new home for Peters and his little friends. But one thing that is missing in this place is maternal care and love, one of the most essential things for children of their age.

Meanwhile, in the other part of England lives a romantic girl named Wendy, she lives in the world of fairy tales. One evening she happens to see Peter Pen flying over her house with strange fairy named Tinker Bell, Wendy decides to fly after him to Neverland along with her brothers without any hesitation. And here they are, waiting for interesting encounters with Indians and insidious mermaids, dangerous adventures with pirates and evil Captain Hook, battles, duels, heroic feats. There are a lot of things to find on the island of Neverland but there is one thing missing. There is no mother to be found...

So Wendy decides that it’s time for her, her brothers and other boys to return to their native land. But what will our boy that doesn’t want to grow older chose? ..         

Lifehack from the theater: tell your child that Peter Pan is the main character of the novel «Peter Pen and Wendy», written by well-known Scottish writer, Sir James Barry. Read this fantastic novel with your child and you will immerse yourself in the world of childhood, inventions, adventures and triumphal victories of Peter Pan and his relentless team. And these wonderful memories of the precious moments of joint reading as well as the country of Neverland and its desperate leader who did not want to grow up will be imprinted in the memories of your child forever.

Yevhen Ogorodniy
h. a. of Ukraine Leonid Popov
Vasyl Vykhodtsevsky
Julia Gritsun
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