Ugly Duckling

50 min.
Про виставу

Each of us has wings! Each of us is able to fly! You just have to set the fear aside! And the most important thing is to believe in yourself! The performance of our theater convinces us of this.

This is a well-known story about a magical transformation of a misfit, special little ugly duckling into a beautiful swan that proudly ascends heavenly heights.

From the very birth, Karl, the duck was never perceived by his world, especially by the members of the bird's yard: neither the wise Aunt, nor the audacious Spanish, nor the cowardly chicken, nor the cocky geese. Even his mother, brothers and sisters mocked him. His very name, Karl, it appeared in the duckling world because of the inability to properly quack.

Coursed, useless and crushed, he leaves his world and remains alone. This reclusive state will continue until he encounters a young Clara - a beautiful swan that will make Karl look at himself in a different way.

The most powerful image of the play is the flight - the flight of the soul. It is represented both visually and emotionally. The main idea of the performance is to show that each and every one of us has wings – strong and beautiful. And our main goal in life is to spread them no matter what everyone around us say. To be strong in your spirit and to have a beauty in your soul.

Lifehack from the theater: it would be great if you can tell your child about the famous Danish storyteller Hans Christian Andersen. He was in love with theatre since his childhood and had his own puppet theatre which he received from his father as a gift. It’s interesting to know that Hans has dreamed of an acting carrier, but left his dream after a few unsuccessful debuts. It can be said that the hidden meaning behind the plot of the tale is the life of an author himself. Because no one believed that he could become such a talented author! You can certainly talk to your child about it especially because the performance is focused on a more adolescent.

Volodymyr Sinakevich by H. C. Andersen
Mikhail Uritsky
Nikolay Danko
Sergey Balakin
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