Moroz Morozenko

45 min.

Про виставу

What is winter without Christmas? And what is Christmas without a real miracle? Our amazing story takes place just before Christmas. And it will unfold before you with a help of resourceful wassailers, their traditional songs, carols and dances.

Imagine a quiet Ukrainian home and a family that is preparing for the holiday in it. However, not everyone is able to meet this happy hour with joy. This was the case for our protagonist Mariyka, a kind and hard-working girl, who was forced to go to a cold forest by her capricious stepmother and her lazy daughter Motrya and not to return until she brings some berries from it. But where can one find berries in the snow-covered forest? What would poor Mariyka do? She decides to go to the forest anyway.

Marichka walked through the forest, and suddenly the most severe ruler of the winter forest appeared before her, Morozenko himself. He started to test our heroine with riddles and puzzles. Marichka performed well and Morozenkov was very pleased. Impressed with kindness and integrity of a little girl, he rewards Marichka with valuable gifts, clothes, jewelry and sends her home.

There were lot of yelling and screaming when Marichka came back home. Stepmother and Motrya couldn’t settle down because of Marichka’s successful trip to the forest and all the treasures she brought back with her. So the angry stepmother decides to send Motrya to Morozenko too. But the things didn’t turn out the way they were expected to. Moroz Morozenko rewards only the sincerest of hearts and helps only the most honest people.

Dmitry Drapikovsky
Dmitry Drapikovsky
Nikolay Danko
Maxim Petrenko
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