The Golden Key

65 min.

Про виставу

Hurry up! Hurry up! Only today! Only for you! One-time only performance of the traveling theater of Karabas-Barabas!

Imagine being in a sunny and friendly Italy. And on the square of one of the old towns, we have a pleasure of witnessing a wonderful comedy of traveling puppeteers. They will present a story about the adventures of the most famous puppet in the world. Guess who? Right! Its Buratino!

It is unlikely that there is a person who does not know the story of Buratino. And if one of our young theatregoers is not yet familiar with our protagonist - we will gladly tell them about his story.

Buratino’s popularity has become world-wide, because in the chest of this wooden boy beats a kind, human heart. He was carved from a simple wooden log. Buratino was meant to become a special and precious thing for his creator, an old and a very poor master Carlo. However, the boy was quite a fidget and very eager for adventure. Perhaps the thing to blame was his long and very curious nose. Maybe it was the thing that forced Buratino to climb up to the wall with a painting of a pot with a delicious soup in it. It was the first time Buratino heard about the mystery of a golden key from Schuriha Shushera.

And from this moment on, our hero was unstoppable. He tried hard to find the golden key and open the secret doors. Our hero makes his way to the puppet theater of the evil director Karabas-Barabas, gets acquainted with the enchanting puppet dolls Malvina, Piero and Harlequin, is caught in the treacherous paws of Alice the fox and Basilio the cat and in the end gets rescued by the wise Tortilla the turtle. Our young hero meets many more adventures on his journey before opening the cherished doors with a golden key.

Do you want to know the secret of the golden key? What is it that hides behind those secret doors? Do not hesitate and come to the show. Only than the mystery will be revealed!

Lifehack from the theater: do you know where the name of the protagonist of our performance comes from? The thing is that once in Italy, glove puppets were made of thick cloth burato and they were called "buratini". This is why the funniest puppet in the world bares this historical but funny name to this day.

Alexei Tolstoy
n. a. of Ukraine Yuriy Sikalo
Mikhail Yaremchuk, Tatiana Torbenko
Leo Etinger
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Карабас-Барабас, Тато Карло, Артемон
Тато Карло, Артемон
Карабас-Барбас, Кіт Базиліо, Пьєро
Лисиця Аліса
Лисиця Аліса
Кіт Базиліо, Пьєро
Дуремар, Арлекін
Дуремар, Арлекін
Дуремар, Арлекін
Мальвіна, Черепаха Тортила
Мальвіна, Черепаха Тортила
Мальвіна, Черепаха Тортила
Мальвіна, Черепаха Тортила
Мальвіна, Черепаха Тортила