The Dream of a Little Donkey

45 min.

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We invite you to return to the fantasy world of carefree childhood. And who of us didn’t dream of being able to fly in our childhood? We could be whoever we wished for in our dreams and fantasies!

Unfortunately, when we get older, we tend to forget about it and often cease to understand the little ones. And they want our support so much. It does not matter whether you have wings or not, the most important thing is that your dream could have them!

That's why our little Donkey dreams of becoming a butterfly ... But what a shame. No, no, not because he does not have any wings. But because he likes to argue with everyone. One day, our little Donkey decided to prove to everyone that he was not a Donkey, but a butterfly. He said to his mother, father and grandmother that from this day on, he will fly as if he was a butterfly. Well, that's why the family decided that their baby had to make a choice.

And our Donkey went out on a long journey. On his way he will meet many characters, each of whom will consider our main hero to be naive. And only in the end, our protagonist will understand that the main thing is not who you are, but how big your dream is and if this dream has wings of its own. Only then can you climb higher and higher, overcoming all obstacles on your path.

Lifehack from the theater: after viewing the performance, talk with your child, ask what do they dream about, what do they want, how do they imagine and think of themselves. Believe us that you will learn a lot of new, interesting, and possibly unexpected things.

Galina Gusarova by the fairy tale of Tatiana Makarova
Mikhail Yaremchuk
Irina Khmaruk
Maxim Petrenko
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