Yevhen Ohorodnii

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Actor, puppeteer, leading master of the stage

Graduated from Kharkiv National I.P.Kotlyarevsky University of Arts (1997, workshop of Honored Artist of Ukraine Leonid Popov). Has been in our theater since 2000. An acutely characteristic actor who sticks to the satirically-grotesque principles in his acting work. He is the author of plays: “Peter Pen”, “Mystery of the Queen of the Road”, “Little Longnose”, "New Year's Eve" interlude, "In anticipation of Father Frost", which have been successfully staged in our theatre. Teaches special disciplines "The art of an actor of a puppet theater" (specializing in work with puppets and theater of objects) at the Kyiv National I.K. Karpenko-Kary Theatre, Cinema and Television University. Represented the theater at the 3rd International Theater Festival in Merzifon (Turkey, March 2017), II Puppet Week of the Asia-Pacific region in Nanchang (China, June 2017), at the 1st Kyiv International Festival of Puppet theaters «pUPpet!» (Kiev, O cvctober 2017). At the last festival he became the winner in the "Best Actor's Work" nomination for the role of Sawatia Guska in the "How Goose died" performance.

Мороз-Морозенко, Дід, Ведмідь
Пітер Пен
Тато Віслючка
Кіт у чоботях
Геніальний Сищик, Начальник охорони
Індик, Гусак, Каченя
Герцог, Ковбасник, Кухар