Great Hall
Duration: 50 min.
Boris Zakhoder by G.-H. Andersen
Language - Russian

Once again, our theater offers you a great story of the prominent Danish storyteller Hans Christian Andersen. This time the events will unfold around the tiniest heroine throughout the whole world's literature - Thumbelina.

This fairy tale is told to the viewer by the author himself. At the very beginning of the play, he honestly admits that he heard this story from a Martlet…

This story begins with a birth of a tiny little girl named Thumbelina. Weightless butterflies bring her a lot of colorful gifts. They wish her happiness… But what is happiness, exactly?     

Great Hall
Duration: 60 min.
Yevhen Ogorodniy
Language - Ukrainian

Which one of us did not want to grow up as soon as possible during childhood, become independent so as not to listen to the comments of adults and stop following their constant advice and guidance. And eventually this desire was fulfilled - you have grown up.