Duration: 45 min.
Marina Bogomaz
Language - no words

Visual tactile play "Kalyaki-malyaki" - an extraordinary performance for extraordinary spectators - for those who are still in diapers, who only make first steps in learning this bright world, who has a lot of questions. For example, where the rainbow comes from? Who draws it on the sky? Let's try to answer all those questions together. How can we do this? Very simple - by playing, touching, crawling, jumping, painting and creating a fairy tale in which the main characters will be you along with your child.

Duration: 80 min.
Yuriy Entin, Vasily Livanov
Language - Russian

Yes, sure, we know that you have seen the famous cartoon hit with the same name several times already, but our theater offers you a vibrant, wonderful, musical for all family members, in which each of them will find something interesting and special for themselves. Don’t give yourself up on a pleasure of living through the events of the famous fairy tale live and enjoying yourself while listening to your favorite hits.